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DCD7 - Gods DCD7 - Gods

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

We need the start segment to be a full song. I know that your trying to make dubstep, but making a song that's like the start of this one, and maybe a similar drop, but without as many instruments as you can cram in. I would like to see that :)

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Doublechindoge7 responds:

Why does everyone love the start segment? I think that's the worst part of the song. Still, you may be in luck... I've wanted to re-use these notes for so long, I think it's the best thing I've composed! (Not my best song though, mastering could definitely use some work and I should really make more diverse and interesting synths...) I always wanted to re-make this with my new knowledge, but I thought everyone would hate that and think it's not original enough. If you want it though, I'd LOVE to do it. Now, dubstep's my bread and butter, so it'll still be dubstep; but I'm going to make a compromise. I feel this song would work good as a fusion of many genres. I'm thinking the remake should have an ambient intro, house buildup; a melodic dubstep drop, trance break, then traditional dubstep second drop. Melodic dubstep is a lot more focused on big, lush chords and arpeggios than chromatic-sounding modulation. So if you want something more simple, the melodic dubstep part should be right up your street! Also, I just want you to know, this is old... Well not that old, but let's just say; between now and then, I've learned A LOT of important techniques and principles of dubstep I SHOULD have been following the whole time. When I made this, I saw dubstep as a combination of all these anomalous sounds that were found by luck, not knowledge. Now I see how dubstep works, so I'm a lot better now. If you want to see a GOOD dubstep song by me:
- Ice Cap Zone (Melodic Dubstep Remix):
- Fire Gauntlet:
- Ice Gauntlet:
- Vocostep (Experiment):
are all much better options, although Fire gauntlet is a bit rushed and Vocostep is an experiment, not a full song.

I actually rushed the beginning, I didn't make this in chronological order. I started with the first drop, then did the after-drop, then beginning and end. By the time I had begun working on the beginning my computer was beginning to die! If you don't know, I lose about 60% of my work to crashes, and I wasn't about to let this crash. So I had to rush it, I just used my presets for the beginning. None of the synths at the beginning are original! Just goes to show how over-rated minimalism has gotten... Sorry, that's a bit of a strong opinion... I just feel people don't appreciate effort enough... House, Ambient, Pop... Just seems too easy to make, seems unfair that people adore it so much while the experimental, hard-working dubstep makers are lucky to get a modest fan-base. Not to say I deserve more followers, I might work hard enough to earn some, but I never get anything done so to be fair; I don't give others enough reason to follow me. However, the other consistent dubstep makers that know what they're doing deserve SO MUCH MORE attention in my eyes. So many people see dubstep as this 1-dimensional series of random screams. It's not though. It's a calculated series of sound effects basically, but all carefully custom made with touches of chromatic tones many ignore. The frequency spectrum is explored more in dubstep than any other genre. Dubstep is using the unused frequencies between each note in a way that is technically tonal, bringing order to chaos, a method to madness. Yet, so many people see it as just series of WAH WAHs and YOYs; probably only ever heard Skrillex, when different dubstep makers work in such different and unique ways...

Sorry I REALLY went on a rant/tangent then. I just never get to talk to anyone about music much, so when I get the chance I go a bit crazy...

Boron Boron

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like the simplicity of the song, but maybe lengthen it a bit more next time, and the change in music from 1:22 to 1:23 when removing the instrument seems a bit too noticeable. Love how you names it Boron though:)